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Setting Your Mindset for a Fulfilling Life

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

I used to think I could “save the world,” and this would bring me happiness and a fulfilling life. Knowing that I am doing something to make a difference with my efforts and the world will become a better place. The more I put energy into my endeavors, the more I realized changing the world is an enormous feat and to carry the weight of this on my shoulders was nearly impossible. So, I stepped back and re-examined how I was thinking about my contributions and what it would take for me to lead a fulfilling life and still feel I am having an impact on the greater whole.

The mind is a wonderful tool if we know how to use it to our advantage. Rather than let it control us, we can work with its many facets to understand ourselves and in turn we will be understood. What does a fulfilling life mean to you? Each of us has a different definition and various ways in which we fit ourselves into what we envision. For me, a fulfilling life includes being in tune with what feels good to me, that others will be positively impacted by my actions, to love with no agenda and to go with the flow staying positive in each of my life experiences. There is a chaotic world around us, but we can learn to be in the middle of chaos with the strength, endurance and drive to rise above it leading a life full of meaning and purpose.

What have I discovered thus far in my quest to “save the world,” so that my life can feel fulfilled and on purpose? The first thing I have come to understand is that I cannot change another person, but I can be a positive influence where they can shift and transform. It becomes an internal process for them, rather than an external “attack” on who they are. Second, I realize that I want change in the world because the contrast of those things that are negative to me…..war, violence, hate, anger….causes me to want to work even harder to find fulfillment in my own life. To disconnect from the incompatibility of the insanity that surrounds me is like dancing with life. How congruent is my partnership with my own mindset so that the flow of the “dance” is engaging and satisfying? Thirdly, it is apparent to me that my life can be fulfilling only if I allow it to be. It is up to me to perceive things in a way that I can see the beauty, the magic and the mysteries of my life experiences so that I feel full of vigor and excitement.

How many of us have lost that zest for life, that childlike wonder to explore and to watch the intricacies of what is going on at the most minute level? No matter what I am doing or thinking today, the world still marches on in all its trials and tribulations. Tomorrow will be a new day, with new opportunities and possibilities. By altering my view of my own experiences, I can transform and thereby, that which comes into my life will align with this part of me. To feel like life is fulfilling, it seems the key is to focus on what the mind is conjuring up for us to believe. Then if we like what we are imagining, what is streaming through our consciousness, we can identify with that which is important to us. We can then step fully into following the mindset of the moment and take action that will support our thinking.

Here are some helpful tips that work for me in living a fulfilling life:

  • Start the day with some quiet time to reflect on yesterday and what you will do differently today to make it a better experience? Life is made up of moments that are worth reflecting upon so that you can identify what is working and what is not.

  • Kill hate or anger with a smile. During the day if someone else is not having a good day, deflect their negativity with something positive. Start with a smile, then you can move to a kind gesture, a light touch, a compassionate statement. You are doing this not expecting the other person to change, but because it feels good to you. You do it for the sake of doing it, nothing more.

  • When responding to others or when making a decision, drop into the heart center before acting, rather than come from the head. This may require you to take some time before you act or respond back.

  • Power of the Pause. If at any time you feel attacked by others or feel frustrated, pausing for a minute, an hour, a day or longer will be a powerful way to bring more fulfilling experiences into your life. This may take some practice, but you will be amazed at how effective it is!!

Living a fulfilling life is about our perceptions, beliefs and ways of communicating not only with others but with ourselves. When you make a list of the things that you believe will allow you to have a fulfilling life and then sync this list with your thinking and actions, a whole new world will open up for you. You will experience shifts that take you to new awareness and will bring more joy and happiness. Life can be an amazing journey that has purpose and meaning. What are you doing today to make a difference?

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