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Publicity strategies and itineraries customized to ensure you as our artist attain and remain at the top of your audiences' list. 

Interviews on Radio, Podcasts, TV & Magazines

Opportunities for sharing your story and creating engagements for you and your brand. 

Social Media Coaching

Improve engagement, increase audience participation, and maximize advertising spends in social media platforms. 

Press Releases

Professionally written and compelling, newsworthy stories to captivate the inside buzz for maximum industry success. 

Radio Streaming Playing & Charting

Pitch your music for possible airplay consideration, increasing global exposure for the purpose of potential charting. 

Artist Services

Goal-oriented specific strategies to support your visions and dreams. 

Submission Forms

30% Live Performances

30% Streaming

30% Radio Airplay

10% Social Media

4 Pillars of Success


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Testimonials From Clients

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Linda Marks Profile Pic.jpg

Linda Marks

Singer-Songwriter Waltham, MA USA

"Jenny DuHaime crafted an incredibly thoughtful and heartful press release for my single “Hope, Love And Prayers.” She went far beyond the information I provided to her and did her own research into the horrifying moment when Damar Hamlin fell to the ground in Cardiac arrest as the Buffalo Bills played the Cincinnati Bengals. The result was a captivating account of the story, and a powerful context for the song."
Tarzzy Metta profile pic.jpg

Tarzzy Metta, Ancient Dusk Band


"I am Tarzzy Metta, lead vocalist, sax player and band manager for the Papua New Guinean world music group Ancient Dusk. I would like to share with you my experiences as an indie musician, navigating the waters of the international independent music scene for the first time in my career and my interactions with three exceptional ladies of JETSet Music Media, namely Jenny DuHaime, Eileen Bild and Tara Kaye Maines.
Backtrack July this year, I signed the contract between Big Records and Ancient Dusk. Big Records CEO Mark Rosner then introduced me to certain people with whom I would be working with and these people included the aforementioned ladies. Six months into the contract, the band and I are now at a place where we look back with gratitude and face the future with confidence.
And No! we do not have a million streams on Spotify, nor an endorsement from a multibillion dollar conglomerate, but we have JETSet Music Media. They have helped us establish connections with industry people within our country and abroad with sound advice based on proven industry practices. Our circle has greatly expanded within these short six months, and this circle includes JETSet Music Media.
Ancient Dusk and myself have been featured in online publications, print media, radio, and television in our country Papua New Guinea and abroad. In our country we were featured by our two biggest newspapers, The National and the Post Courier, on the national television broadcaster EMTV and on PNG FM radio. We had articles on, Hived Music and interviews by Dr. Eunice Moseley to be featured on The Pulse of Entertainment and upcoming interviews on Black Dog Independent Country Radio.
We are now enabled to manage and navigate our social media platforms purposefully than six months ago thanks to the advice from JETSet Music Media. Our following has increased tremendously and our presence has expanded and we are grateful for the continuous social media advice provided.
Jenny, Eileen and Tara have this infectious enthusiasm about their work which is evident in every post, video conferencing and voice calls we have with them. They have a genuine interest in our work and our music. To me as the main man, the leader and the manager of Ancient Dusk, I would rather have three genuine ladies by my side than a legion of people I cannot fathom.
With a team like JETSet Music Media, Ancient Dusk is amongst the best. And with your best team, a million streams on any platforms is attainable, recognition for your music is possible, opportunities come your way."
All the way from Kimbe, West New Britain.

What Our Partners Say

Troy profile pic.jpg
Troy Saha
"The team of the ladies at JetSet Music Media has been a perfect asset to my company. Not only have I worked with them individually, but corporately. I see not only their passion but their aggressive commitment to not only meet deadlines but also projects to be fulfilled above expectations. There isn't a team that I could recommend more highly than them and would gladly share their knowledge and expertise for those looking for another great upgrade to your marketing and promotion needs."
Troy "V33P" Saha/VP of Blast Music 247
DRay Profile Pic.jpg
Danny Ray
“I had the pleasure of working with the JetSet Music Marketing team, consisting of Eileen, Jenny, and Tara, and I must say, they exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I reached out to them, their professionalism and dedication to their craft were evident.
Eileen, Jenny, and Tara are a dynamic trio who work seamlessly together to deliver exceptional results. Their knowledge and expertise in the music industry are unparalleled, and they have a deep understanding of the ever-changing landscape of marketing.
One of the things that impressed me the most about the team was their ability to truly listen and understand my goals and vision. They took the time to understand my unique needs and tailored their strategies accordingly. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work is truly commendable.
Throughout the entire process, Eileen, Jenny, and Tara were incredibly responsive and communicative. They kept me updated every step of the way and were always available to answer any questions or address any concerns I had. Their level of professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction is truly remarkable.
Not only did the Jet Set Music Marketing team help me reach a wider audience, but they also provided valuable insights and guidance to help me grow as an artist. Their strategic approach and innovative ideas have undoubtedly contributed to my success.
I highly recommend the Jet Set Music Marketing team to any artist or musician looking to take their career to the next level. Eileen, Jenny, and Tara are a powerhouse team that will go above and beyond to ensure your success. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!”
‘DRay The Producer’ Smith, Jr. Soul Resurrection Music, LLC Blast Radio 247

Meet the Team

Our purpose is to align ourselves with our likeminded industry professional collaboratives to deliver you the best results for your campaign.

We are here to support you and elevate your productivity.

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