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For scheduled classes/workshops/events see detailed information below. 

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Introductory Pre-Course To Writing & Book Publishing  for website.png

Cost: $299
3 Classes
60- minutes each

Current Course Dates:




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Mindfulness Meditation (4).png

Cost: $399
4-weeks, 1x week
60minute class
Next Class TBD

This class is designed to help you quiet your mind for better focus and decision making.

You will learn skills and techniques for:

Creating strong boundaries

Having a voice that is heard and understood

Excellence in communication

Clarity of the inner self, your needs and your wants

Building unwavering confidence

Introduction to Validaton

Online, Zoom
Cost: $50
Next Class: TBD

Introduction to Validation Thumbnail (1).png

Learn the communication tool of Validation for creating better and healthier experiences in conversation with all people in your life. 

Eileen helps with personal development by teaching a variety of life enhancing skills that transform how people view themselves, the world and to have balance in all experiences.

Validation is the recognition and acceptance of another person's internal experience as being valid without judgment or criticism.

If you have ever walked away from an experience where you are exhausted, frustrated and disappointed in the outcome, this workshop is for you.

If you would like to have stronger communication skills and want to add another tool for your toolbox, this workshop is for you.

We are not taught how to communicate in ways that enable us to listen effectively where our conversations lead to understanding and all participants feel heard, valued and understood.

In this workshop you will gain clarity on:


  • Why you have not been able to deal with difficult people

  • What you can do to stop feeling drained after a conversation

  • How to disarm a conflict in a matter of minutes

  • Gain knowledge of the benefit of validation, how to use it and practical application post workshop.


Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary!


"This workshop will help you gain the skills to become a significant communicator to others in both personal and business relationships in a powerful communication style that effectively helps you understand everyone's point of view in a clear fashion so that you both can be on the same page. I highly recommend Eileen as a coach, mentor, teacher and facilitator to take you the next step and spark advancement in your thinking, actions and success."

This amazing workshop, provides you with the skills to communicate effectively with confidence. These tools will help you build better relationships with other people in business, social networking, and career opportunities."

Troy Burrell
C.E.O & Founder at Troy Burrell #Justbeingmetv

"I'm a huge fan of communication and deeper connection. Two years ago, I learned what it means to be validated during regular conversation and it changed my life. Soon thereafter, I attended my friend Eileen Bild's Introduction to Validation workshop to really learn and practice it. A few friends did too and they loved it!


Validation is a critical communication technique that is rarely used in normal conversation. Most people don't even know about validation nor have they experienced it. However, it may be one of the most important keys to effective conversation because it helps, even ensures, the other person feels truly heard and understood. When you can validate someone's feelings and emotions, even if you do not agree with them, it will improve your relationship. You don't have to solve their problem (which we often default to) because oftentimes, feeling heard and understood is the more critical need we each have. If someone is in distress, a little validation can go a long way. 


Validation is effective in personal relationships and is also an incredible, almost magical, technique that can be applied to any interaction with another person including the workplace, school, at a store, and definitely during online communication like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where conversations can be incredibly polarizing. I've had phenomenal results validating peoples' emotions on social media and while texting. It makes every conversation better and is a true gift for the other person (and feels good for you).


If you want to prevent a heated or sensitive conversation from blowing up, validation may be the absolute best approach. It's certainly the best I've ever seen in my life!"

Kevin R. Strauss, M.E.

CEO - Uchi, LLC

"As a podcast host, I want to create a high level of energy so that my guests feel empowered to tell their stories. I also want to create strong connections with my guests; I want them to leave the conversation with a sense of real value and appreciation. I asked Eileen Bild for help. By teaching me how to validate my own presence within the conversation, I have become better at tuning in to the person with whom I am conversing. This allows me to validate my guests thoughts and emotions. As a result, my guests feel appreciated and valued. I recommend working with Eileen to gain inner clarity on how to show up in conversations the right way so that everyone involved can be transformed by the experience."

Dr. Keith J. McNally
Author, Podcaster

Dr Keith McNally is on a mission to provide help, hope, and healing to those impacted by the wake of suicide. To help Dr. McNally accomplish such a task, Eileen Bild has taught him the foundations of validation in conversation. Having faced several challenging circumstance in his own life, Dr. McNally now embraces the validation process . . . now, every person with whom he has a conversation with is changed. That change is both immediate and profound, based on their own personal testimony. Eileen brings life to human interaction. A much-needed resource in the 21st century.

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