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Eye of the Tiger

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

It happened again!!! I often wake up with songs playing in my head, which can drive me nuts, but it seems there is a rhyme and reason for it. Much to my amazement, I can always find a message.

A few years back in 2016, I woke up hearing the song “Eye of the Tiger,” from the movie Rocky, loud and clear. It would not stop until I sat down to take a closer look at why I was hearing it and what was in it for me.

Over the years I have learned to pay attention to the subtle and not so subtle signs that come to me and have inevitably been a guide post along my path illuminating my way. With the knowledge I gain from understanding the inferences in this phenomena, I am able to use the information to ensure in some way a smooth transition from day to day.

When I hear the song, “Eye of the Tiger,” it gives me a sense of power, strength, and a sort of primal instinct.

So, as I wonder why this song is so prevalent in my mind at this time, bit by bit information comes to me. It starts to make sense and I chuckle as I realize the connection to my own current thinking, actions and direction I have my life going.

There is a strong feeling of familiarity to the wisdom in songs anytime I have this experience. In sharing my own interpretation of the song perhaps it will have some meaning for you as well. If you have songs playing in your head, you too can take its message and apply it to your own life.

I have had some difficult and challenging times so far on my life’s journey, yet full of extraordinary experiences. Every time I was in a life struggle, I went the distance to bring myself back to my feet. Always a fighter, my will to survive and not let life’s curve balls keep me down, has enabled me to become who I am today.

It has taken many years of gaining a greater awareness of my inner core, my own sense of self and who I am in relation to the outer world, to be able to stand in my power.

I took risks, some successful and others failures, but in the end I have learned about the consequences for both myself and others. With my will forging the way, I rise up and meet all of life’s challenges with courage and determination.

I can often tie in the ego with any forward movement I take, for it is the ego that seems to play games with me. I do believe the ego has its place, but when it comes to passion and purpose, only the inner core of my soul knows the truth.

Being on the path of my own purpose should not include the goal of glory or to be famous. I have learned to think before I act, preventing me from getting into situations where I may not come from my authentic self.

In the past, I behaved in ways that others wanted me to, either out of fear or lack of self respect. It seems I lost myself, because I forgot who I was and neglected to allow my true self to be expressed.

Over time I have risen, like the phoenix out of the ashes, above my trials and tribulations reaching a place of freedom to be me. I once traded my passions and ideals for what others wanted for me and forgot to tap into why I am really here, which is to make this world a better place.

I had lost my ability to manifest my dreams into reality, but once I got my passion back, my dreams were able to lead me to my life’s mission.

We are not only responsible for ourselves but also for all other people in the world. That is why we must empower ourselves to keep our passion and dreams alive.

There may be setbacks, but they are all in preparation for better things to come, for a stronger you and a more balanced life. Sometimes we have to learn why not to do something so we can make better choices in situations of confrontation, struggle and resistance.

Rising up to the challenge requires change and transformation. This can be difficult and we may end up following other’s ideals instead of trying to follow our own.

Coming to a higher state of awareness is a pull to move beyond the current status quo and reach for the stars. I often had many dialogs with my ego and my inner self battling it out.

This caused some confusion as to what direction to take, the decisions I had to make and the increasing knowledge of who I am and was becoming. It seems I had hidden talents that were buried deep within me that I never knew existed.

Once I broke free and tried something new, I discovered just how incredible it is to be on purpose in my passion.

In the end, I overcame doubts, fighting my inner demons to break through the dark night of the soul, a long road of twists and turns that does eventually lead out of the depths of despair, longing and filling an inner void.

We all have a shadow side, which can present itself during times of stress. I had confrontations with this part of myself and had to stay tough and driven, always on the alert.

I find the good in all my experiences, even against all odds. Through these experiences I guide myself closer to my goals, both known and unknown.

Sometimes we have trouble getting out of our own way and it takes a pan over the head experience to wake us up. I had plenty of those and soon learned my lessons so as to reduce and try to eliminate them!

When a tiger fights, he is not scared, sees things clearly, has tunnel vision, moves in slow motion and is tactical. We could all benefit from practicing these qualities of the tiger!

So, the next time you hear a song in your head, take a few minutes to determine the hidden messages and interweave them into your life for inspiration and transformation!

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