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Step Into Their Shoes Series

Everyone has a story.

Triumphs, Overcoming an Obstacle, Healing, Achievement

Realizing One's Dream


Southern Outlaws Band group photo.png

Southern Outlaw Band - Meet Arlis Walker, frontman for The Southern Outlaws Band. He hails from the backwoods of WV, and has a strong background in music having left it behind, becoming a sheriff, only to find himself at a crossroads.

Devaney Ray Jones Profile Pic.jpg

Devaney Ray Jones battle with terminal ovarian cancer transformed her life and inspired her to pursue a dream of helping others and teaching Life Principles of Truth (a multitude of lessons learned through her life experiences).

Dennis Pitocco profile pic.jpg

Dennis Pitocco says the vision for BC360° was born, that is, “a one-stop digital resource for busy professionals seeking fresh, leading-edge insights, intelligence, and information across all major business sectors and beyond ….” 

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