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We appreciate all of you and am grateful to have the opportunity to give you a voice. Letting us know how we have impacted your life is a blessing. 


OTEL Universe coaches you to present the best possible representation of you and your brand. 

We assist in helping to ensure you have clarity of your vision, the steps necessary to achieve your goals and accountability for your

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OTEL Universe works closely with you for branding, ensuring your image and brand is congruent across all your social media. 

We listen to your desire, understand who you are and what you provide to your customers. 

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Eileen will spark you to re-engineer your brain and upgrade your thinking. She will empower you to have the courage for change, taking the next steps and reaching your highest potential. 

Together, with Trevor, they create opportunities for you to be creative in building upon the blueprint of your business vision and mission. 

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Business Alliance 

OTEL Universe is about collaboration for creating a win-win experience. 

We work together with you in cross-promotions, creating dynamic opportunities for growth, and ensuring messaging is aligned with creating a better world of peace, joy and happiness. 

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Book Video

Eileen will transform your voice of the written word into a video book review. She will combine your personal contribution, highlights of your book, testimonials and where your book can be purchased into a powerfully inspiring presentation. 

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ROKU Channels

Trevor and Eileen work with you to develop a powerful presentation of your business for ROKU TV. They handle all the administrative duties so you can do what you love best. 

They ensure the channel is a reflection of your branding and the content is always rotating to remain fresh so people want to watch more. 

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