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First impressions are the most important for potential customers. Brand identity helps to set you apart and you become an authority in your field.


  • Messaging statements

  • Your Voice

  • Presentation

  • Marketing & Promotion Strategy

3-Month Package

Package Cost: $5,000


We work with clients for positioning, vision, growth, blueprint, relationship and distinction using a ROKU channel as a tool for branding and market development.

We consider your long term goals, look at best next steps and recommend professional advice and services for strategically moving forward for success. 

3-Month Package

Package Cost: $7,500

Video Production

We provide video productions for live music videos for bands and solo/duo artists in the larger Jacksonville area.

We also provide the following video production services:


  • Video Editing

  • Promotional Videos

  • Book Videos

  • Legacy Videos

Pricing is project based. Contact us for more information. Complete form below. 

Video Editing

We offer video editing for:​

  • Music Videos

  • Creating Intros and Endings

  • Picture to Video

  • Custom Needs

Pricing is project based. Contact us for more information. Complete form below. 

Promotional Videos

Breakthrough S.P.A.R.K. Coaching is a valuable and unique way to work with Eileen for optimal results.

Growing a business, branding and promotion are just some of the keys to success. You can take yourself to a whole new level through professional and personal development. 

Eileen is the Founder of The Core Thinking Blueprint Method. She will inspire, empower and spark you to re-engineer your brain and upgrade your thinking. 

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Do you want to promote your product or service? We can create dynamic videos that:​

  • Captures your Branding

  • Spotlights what your customers and clients want or need

  • Create a CTA to turn viewers into paying customers and clients.

Book  Video

We will take your book and create an informational video that includes:

  • Book Cover

  • Live Video of Author Bio

  • Key Points of Book

  • Book Reviews

  • Where the Book Can Be Found

Get motivated, inspired and energized! Check out the various classes and workshops that will elevate you to new levels. 

  • Introduction to Validation

  • Introduction to the Core Thinking Blueprint Method

  • Mindfulness Leadership

  • Mindfulness Meditation - How to Quiet the Mind and Transform Your World

BrandingConsulting Testimonial - Frank Z
Book Video Testimonial - Tracey Johnson
_BrandingCoaching Testimonial - Troy Bur
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BrandingConsulting Testimonial - Kathy W
_Business Alliance Testimonial - Sukruti

Up-level your business, branding and visibility!

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