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We specialize in sparking

growth and creating initiatives

for excellence in success. 

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Ordinary To Extraordinary Life

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Eileen Bild

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We would love to hear from you!

Thomas Landy
Indie Artist

You go above and beyond,,, everything you do.

Kelly James Barker
Indie Artist, Actor and
Film Producer

Without people like you we would have nowhere to go with our country videos and TV programs. Thank you on behalf of myself and all the many film makers like myself. 

Thank you Trevor and Eileen, UnderDawg 

treasures its videos!

I wanted to share this. Trevor Bild and Eileen Bild have shot the videos on my website. Because of their work, the videos have constantly kept me busy. My clients always rave about how professional they are. I can't thank these 2 enough. It all started with them doing a photo shoot some years ago, which turned into a live remote video , which turned into a series of videos including videos of original songs from my new album On The Shoulders of Giants. They make you feel at ease and the time spent with them goes by so quickly.Thank you for also including me in this presentation.

All the Best to you both,

Bill Ricci

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Turn your mp3 into mp4 videos

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Broadcast Video Camera

Video Production

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Rock Concert

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We will build an EPK page for you!

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Do you want help with writing a song or would like a song to work with?

Zen Garden

Breakthrough S.P.A.R.K. Coaching is a valuable and unique way to work with Eileen for optimal results.

Eileen is Founder of The Core Thinking Blueprint Method

Massage Therapy

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We appreciate all of our clients and are honored to be able to help you have a voice for your passions, visions and dreams. 

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Trevor & Eileen

Up-level your business, branding and visibility!

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Trevor & Eileen

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