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Ordinary to Extraordinary Life

~A Universal Voice~

OTEL (Ordinary to Extraordinary Life) is creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary. Life is a series of experiences, each of which provides opportunity for growth and transformation. The world at large is always in a state of expansion and contraction, creating and redesigning.

Every one of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm of the universe. There is a web of connection that is invisible to the naked eye yet felt and heard through the interactions and events occurring daily.

Eileen Bild along with her husband Trevor Bild, have created a global platform, OTEL Universe ~A Universal Voice~ in which people all over the world come together to share their passions, visions and dreams.

This is a collaborative community that inspires, uplifts and encourages a growth mindset based on an exchange of giving and receiving, sharing with an open heart, working together for a greater purpose and aligning with those who wish be the change and catalyst for an infinite progression of mankind.

What Does "A Universal Voice" Mean to You?

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Kemi Lopez Quote Graphic.png


"A Universal Voice means, even though we are all unique, some aspects of life do bring us together through music or any other art form, in a heart cry of

love, joy, pain, and hope."

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Secrets, Consequences and One Wild Ride. We all have secrets that we kept from Mama.
What's your secret?

"Growing up with alcohol parents, you don't feel you have a voice. I tried to play guitar and they sold them. I thought, I'll sing and they can't take that. So eventually, I found the courage to write songs. Through music I found my voice and try to use that new strength to inspire others. Upbeat music with a message."

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"A universal voice is a voice that conveys a message that penetrates the individual differences and perspectives that separate our individual experiences. It is the voice that reaches us on an intuitive, vibrational level and brings us back to our knowledge of our underlying Oneness."

Through My Eyes

"It means a worldwide community where everyone is heard, listened to, and understood. It is a safe space for people to share ideas, share stories and hardships, and it is all inclusive."

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Human Spirit as ONE.png

The Human Spirit as One

"A universal voice, to me means a voice that is heard through our sensory receptors and understood by the ♥. The human spirit is one with the voice."

The Voice Of The One

"The voice of the one that resonates infinitely with the diversity of the many through and to each of us. Divine frequencies collectively creating one harmonious truth....We are all divinely connected."

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Somewhere - Rocky Michaels Photo.jpg

Somewhere for You and Me

"To me, "A Universal Voice" represents the idea of a common denominator among us all. It is a message that speaks of a place of hope and inclusiveness where everyone benefits from. 

"Where you can shake your neighbor’s hand across the bridges And you can share a common view atop the ridges Where one plus one becomes more than two and you can learn from them and they from you Someday I’m hoping there we’ll be Somewhere for you and me

Lyrics from ‘Somewhere’ by Rocky Michaels

Connecting Hearts Across the Globe

"Music is a language th resonates much deeper than words, builds bridges across all divides and unites us heart to heart. Song seeds are inspired by our lived experiences and what we see in the lives of those around us. We plant them in our hearts and souls, and they grow into healing, transformative, beautiful and inspirational words and melodies that bring us together. Music can transform our world, bring peace, understanding, health and happiness for all."

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Bruce Coughlan - A Universal Voice (1).png
Bruce Coughlan - A Universal Voice (1).png

That Which Unites

"A "Universal Voice" to my way of thinking is that which speaks in terms of human respect and dignity for all, that which thinks in terms of the collective, and expresses hope for humanity while acknowledging the challenges we all face. A voice that unites rather than polarizes."

We Are The World

"Partnering with people on a global platform to share and participate in the talents of the world. The globe has become so much smaller as we venture into the presence of every language and nation on earth. The song "we are the world" has become much more prevelant in the 21st century.

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“WHERE CREATIVE MINDS COLLIDE A Universal Voice is a coming together of like minded people for the greater good. We all have a voice, an opinion and a desire to be heard. Creativity glows when conversation flows."

One love, One blood

One life, you got to do what you should

One life, with each other

Sisters, brothers

One life, but we're not the same

We get to carry each other, carry each other

Lyrics from U2 - ONE

We ARE the Universe!

"That we acknowledge we ARE the Universe! We are a part of it and carry everything that the Universe is, inside of us. When we truly feel that there is no hurry, nor greed and discrimination, as there is no time, no space, no one. All we are, is one."

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Positivity Avalanche

“A universal voice means that at a very basic level, we all speak the same language – and together, all of our voices matter. Quoting from Dianna Hardy: “It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.” So let us together, start a worldwide “positivity” avalanche.”

Connecting Communities

“I see this as a positive powerful platform connecting communities globally. This association definitely gives me great energy and motivation.”

Connecting Globally.png
Universal Connections 2.png
Universal Connections 2.png

Cindy Helene Nene
Founder, Ceo
Shabba Top Artist International Promotions

Universal Connections

"The universal connection from the beginning of creation of man from spiritual to physical. Universal Connection is divine, a place of Enlightenment holding every step we take aligning ourselves to the Light source of information and understanding the knowing of the talents given us. The concept of universal connection is 'nothing in the world stands by itself.' Every object is a link in an endless chain and is thus connected with all the other links. And this chain of the universe has never been broken; it unites all objects and processes in a single whole and thus has a universal character. We cannot move so much as our little finger without "disturbing" the whole universe. The life of the universe, its history lies in an infinite web of connections. In a crystal, which is an ensemble of atoms, no individual atom can move in complete independence of the others. Its slightest shift has an effect on every other atom. The oscillations of particles in a solid body are, and can only be, collective. In living nature there exist more complex connections — In the life of society connections become more complex and we have production, class, family, personal, national, state, international and other relationships."

Common Goal

“Universal voice is when people with a common goal find the words to bring meaning and positive change to the world.”

Stepping Stones for Change.png
Universal Voice Monica Dedmon.png
Universal Voice Connect.png

Monica Dedmon
Recording Artist, Songwriter, Vocalist

Something Greater 
Positive Progress

"To me a Universal Voice is utilized  to connect and cultivate like minded creatives where all are welcomed to express themselves, share ideas, and collaborate in an effort to promote positive progress in helping others. I want to be apart of something greater than  "Monica Dedmon" as a product.


Through music, a universal voice, I cherish the plan of action to come together in a way that can bring enjoyment, in some capacity, to those who would otherwise not have the means to obtain it on their own."

Universal Voice Chorus.png

Chorus of Souls

"When I think of a "Universal Voice," I picture a harmonious chorus of souls from all across the globe, with no regard to lines on a map. We are one."

_Universal Voice - You Matter.png

Support - Eternal Knowing

"A universal voice is an eternal knowing that you matter, you count, and you are valued. It’s an embodied feeling of support that receives you endlessly as held, heard and smiled at."

_Universal Voice - You Matter.png
Universal Voice Amplify Joys.png

Symphony of Collective Intent

"A universal voice is the symphony created through the deeper listening of humanity, then transmuting the pains and amplifying the joys, to finally transmitting the updated collective intent."

Universal Voice Stepping Stones.png


"Humans are in synchronization with Mother Nature, through our words, our voice, our music, our energy. A Universal Voice is what we can hear when we listen to with a harmonious peaceful and joyful mindset to ourselves and to the universe."

Universal Voice Nature.png
Universal Voice Stepping Stones.png

Troy Burrell
C.E.O & Founder at Troy Burrell #Justbeingmetv
Hip Hop Culture Coordinator 

Stepping Stones

"As we walk through the stepping stones of life. We're guided by universal law. Which places us in the lives we're meant to impact."

_Universal Voice - You Matter.png

Bob Dallavia
Musician / Producer

Together in Harmony

"We all are composers in a field of vibrations. It’s very nature creates an atmosphere of equality, respect and appreciation. Harmonious wave transmissions can be felt and understood on deep levels, and allows everyone to feel the beneficial effects on the mind, body and soul. The power of the universal voice can break down linguistic barriers and give insights into personal experience and the fundamental similarities we all share that otherwise may be go unnoticed. It enables us to celebrate our differences... bringing us together in harmony"

Composers in a Field of Vibrations.png
Tree of Life.png

Tree of Life

"Ask for what you want with focus, intention, and clarity, and the Tree of Life will provide. If we ask for ourselves, others will benefit because---“We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson


Peace on Earth

"A Universal Voice means to me that no one is left behind; we are all created equal regardless of the color of our skin, religion or beliefs as long as we respect each other and work towards a real peace on Earth for all."



"Regardless of where we grew up, what our social, socioeconomic, race, gender, political view, religious standpoint - we can connect, collaborate and encourage friendship. The world has become very small and it's given us the potential to be incredibly connected."

Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” HOWARD THURMAN

Thoughts, Hear, See.png

Our Universal Voice

"The Universal Voice is our vibration, through our voice we connect to the Universe, through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence, through our thoughts we become one with the universe."

Thoughts, Hear, See.png
Angela Carmichael Smith Universal Voice.png
Building Self-Care and Self-Defense
for Lifestyle Resilience

"A Universal Voice" brings to my mind, a connected experience that is shared, supported and Energized by each other(Voice). Each is an individual and unique but bound in common love, grace and purpose.


Creation by Choice

"Our freedom and growth lie in the choices we make, that define who we are through our actions. Oneness travelling beyond the physical space to bring us together as a collective energy for higher value creation."

Past, Present, Future.png

Heart Centered Healing

"We are many different expressions coming together as a whole, the Universe expressing itself through a magnificent manifesto of what has been, what is, and what can be."

Universal Voice Stepping Stones.png

The Universe is a Frequency

"Everything in the universe has it’s own frequency and together it’s like an ensemble of voices. The voice itself is also a message to our human brain, as each type of voice can help us and lead us far beyond what we thought is possible."

Beyond What is Possible.png
Dom Brightmon - Universal Voice Graphic.png

Reaching Our Highest Potential

"A universal voice is one collective voice that shares the same heartbeat for advancement and helping each other be the best humans that we can be."


Simona Mango
Spirituality Coach, Intuitive Life Coach

A Profound and Mysterious Harmony

"For me ”A Universal Voice" is the whole of human expression, through all space and all time. The universe is experiencing itself through each and every human being - as well as through every other creature - and every single voice is heard, every single voice is an integral part of this universal voice. Some voices are in unison, some are dissonant, each voice is unique, but the sum total of all voices reflects the profound, if somewhat mysterious, harmony of the universe."

LOVE, Unity, Peace.png


"This is an important time in humanity. We must come together in love, peace and unity. We all need each other to survive."


Seer's Vision

"A point of perspection dances in the balance of the seer's vision. The choice of where we focus our attention, intention and interaction from within determines the reflection we receive from others and the world."

Explore Harmony.png
Ramona Pintea Mother Earth Photo_edited.jpg

We Are All Drops of the Same Ocean

"A Universal Voice means recognizing that at the very core we are one. We are all drops of the same ocean, parts of the whole. When we recognize that, we will stop hurting each other and start caring for one another and for the world around us"


Donna Walser
Owner @ Sliver Lotus Intuitive Coaching

Sparks & Egos

"From A Course in Miracles, I see humanity stuck in a dream of ego, convinced we are separate, competing for survival, happiness, prosperity. This dream is not real. We are each a Spark of the One Light that is All of us, created by God and eternally in His presence. Our challenge is to recognize our brother is really us."

IntuitiveCoaching - Donna Walser.png
Energy is All There Is!.png

Energy is All There Is!

"Everything is Energy! How we vibrate is how we experience our lives. Love and music are High Vibrational energies and I feel so alive when I'm singing and working on healing others, doing what I love. I believe that energy is transferred to those around us and on the airwaves. How healing it is to all. The higher the vibration is, the more joy good health and happiness we will have. Its Universal!"


Allow Joy In

"An echo that roars for universal human dignity, equality, inclusivity, and yet is so gentle that it whispers love, peace, light, Joy, that contributes to an uplifted collective consciousness."

Love, Peace, Light, Joy.png
Unity, Equality, Humanity.png


"A Universal Voice is an omnipresent mechanic that amplifies the inner cries of unity and equal humanity."


Divine Harmony of One

"A Universal Voice means, that when our souls are in alignment with the higher power within ourselves as individuals, we are able to join our voices together in Divine Harmony as One Voice, to truly be the difference we want to see in the world."

Inspire (1).png

Brave, Courageous, Fearless

“A Universal Voice to me means to be able to stand up for what one believes. To be society's black sheep, speak up, and fight for injustice, prejudice, inequality, and topics that concern us all, as human beings and people living in societies.

It means to stand tall, to be brave, to be courageous and fearless. To have strong core values and beliefs. To help and empower others

to raise up.

A Universal Voice is to stop being afraid of being who you are and inspire others to do the same. To create a better world.”

Rajat Kapoor
'Teaming with the cosmic stream where teaming connotes the Universal Voice'

Vibration - Waves of the Cosmic Stream

"The universe has a vibration- a wave that lashes on with an eternal song. You and I have our notes to voice this cosmic composition. When we pray, hope, tell nothing but the truth...when we believe, love and persevere we become the universal voice for we reflect similar resolving waves of the cosmic stream."

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“A Universal Voice means to me a place where people of all nations can voice their opinions without fear of judgement or ridicule.”

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