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Musician Alliances

Music From Around the World

Music is a Universal Language. Help us in support of our artists from all corners of the world who share their passion of music through their voice of song. 

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Our Story

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Trevor has spent his life in the music industry, at a young age he played/sang in a traveling band, Up With People, touring the country at military bases. He always surrounded himself with artists and finding the music community wherever he lived. When he moved to Jacksonville, Florida along with his wife Eileen, they immediately found themselves welcomed with open arms into Jacksonville's music scene. 

They began to visit the venues on a regular basis, doing photography for the bands and artists. This evolved into using the DSL Camera's internal video program. When Trevor retired in 2014 he approached Eileen to go full time into video productions and OTELproductions was born. Since then, they have evolved into a 4 to 5 camera production team filming live music videos, events, concerts and more. 

In 2020, they branched out into ROKU Channel development and now have music channels where they provide a platform for Indie artists to showcase their music videos. 

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If you are an Indie Artist and want to join the OTEL Universe Community, you can submit your videos by filling out this form: 

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Trevor & Eileen would love to talk to you about how they can help you be seen, be heard, be worldwide!

Provide us with your mp3, a photo or album cover, five photos
and video clips (preferably horizontal HD,
cell phone videos accepted).
We will produce an mp4 Music Video for you and 
upload it to our OTEL Musicbox Radio ROKU Channel.

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Convert your mp3 into a Music Video

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Convert your mp3 into an

MTV Style Music Video

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Provide us with your mp3, a photo or album cover.
We will produce an mp4 Music Video for you and 
upload it to our OTEL Musicbox Radio ROKU Channel.

Option 1:   mp3 + one graphic
Option 2:   mp3 + five graphics

OTEL Alliances

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Music Showcase

To see examples of what your showcase can look like visit the website
by clicking on the button below. 


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Featured Musicians

(See hundreds more on our ROKU Channels)
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Our ROKU Music Channels

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ROKU Channel Partner

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