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Embrace 5 Principles of Core Thinkig for Success.jpg
CoDE of values cover eBook.jpg
Five lessons from covid cover - eBook.jpg
7 ethical principles cover eBook.jpg
67 Ways to Make Fabulous Money.jpg
The Bullet book cover.jpeg
If The Shoe Fits, Wear It Book cover.jpeg
Get Unstuck!.png

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Personal Growth & Development

Front Book Cover- Stay The Course.jpg
PfaSDS front cover 20220122.jpg
Unshakable Power.jpg
Journey Well E-Book Cover.jpg
I'll Have What She's Having.jpg
Awakening Cover.jpg
Find Your Voice in the Darkness Book Cover.jpg
The Complete Book of Awakening Cover.jpg
Live Inspired Book Cover.jpg
Rise Up and ROCK - Dori Staehle.jpg
2023 Intutive Numerology Journal.jpg
No More BULLSHIT.jpg
Proverbial Beauty Book Cover.jpg
Broken Open 300dpi (1).jpg
Live with Love Book Cover.jpg
Thriving as an Empath book cover.jpg
Find Your Divine Rhythm.jpg
Last Beach Boy  Book Cover.jpg
Stubbing My T.O.E. on Purpose.jpg
From Gloom to Bloom Cover.jpg
You Belong Here - Humans First Stories.jpg
Upside Down to Right Side Up Cover.png
Boost Your Confidence in 7 Days Cover_edited.jpg

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Zero to One Book Cover.jpg


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Midnight Relfections cover.jpg

Psychology and Human Nature

Roll Away The Stone Book Cover.jpg
Fix Your Broken Windows Book Cover.jpg
Fear is Not My Enemy.jpg

Stories of Change - Triumphs and Successes

Jeff R 3D Book image (1) copy.png
The Lady in the Lake Book Cover.jpg
Exploring the Art of Seduction Book Cover.jpg
Relentless Courage.jpeg
Chaos to Clarity.jpg
Crappy to Happy.jpg
M2M Hi-Res Front Cover (002).jpg
Abundant Heart Book Cover.jpg
Unapologetically Me.png
Lightbulb Moments.jpg
Hotel Adventures with the Stars - Book Cover - FINAL.jpg
AFTOH Cover (002).jpg
Voices Against Trafficking.jpg
Transformation - A Guide for Change.jpg
Mission Hope Cover.jpg

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Passions, Visions, Dreams

Two Souls Connected by Divine Literature.jpg
Near-Death of a Different Sort.jpg
Are We One.jpg
The God Participle.jpg
Poetry of Divine Infinity.jpg
Moments That Rock Book Cover.2.jpg
Poetry of Enlightenment.jpg


Find Your Voice in the Darkness Book Cover.jpg

Do you have a book about Spirituality, Mind/Body/Spirit, or NDE? Submit your information today! 


Erased by Sheep.jpg
Poetry to Heal By Book Cover.jpg
Until I'm Blinded Cover_edited.jpg

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Health & Healing

Book Cover.jpg
[04.27.2023] Expressive Origins 3D Book Cover.png
From Hell to Inspired.jpg
Loving Life....Al of It Book Cover.jpg
Know the TRUTH and Get HEALTHY.jpg
Four Fold Formula Book Cover.jpg
Countless Joys.jpg
I'm Sorry For Your Loss book cover.jpg

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Aging & Elder Care

A guide to Excellent and Successful Aging cover.jpg

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Business and Leadership

Business Secrets for Walking on Water.jpg
Walkg the Path.jpg
Leadership Matters.jpg
Frank Zaccari Success Book.jpg
2020 Collection 2 Sublimes.jpg
Business Secrets from the Battlefield to the Boardroom.jpg
Business & Personal Secrets for Getting Unstuck Cover.jpg
Ruble Chandy Book Cover.jpg
James Kerr Book Cover picture.jpg
Inspiring Champions Book 2.jpg
Book Cover.jpg
Innovate the 1% Book Cover.jpg
How to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn.jpg
Grappling With the Gray Book Cover.jpg
Believership - Mike Vacanti.jpg
Bent, Bruised, Abused But Not Broken Book Cover.jpg
Purpose Doesn't Care What's In Your Bank Account Cover.png
Reputation to Reward-StackedBooks (1) (002).png
One World in a New World Apocalyptic Chats Cover.jpg

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Personal Branding

Toi Sweeney book cover.jpg
Zendor Door to What Is.jpg

We're looking to add Branding Books!


Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Book Cover.jpg

Wanting to add books that spotlights historical events and history. 
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Children's Books

Yes, I Am!.jpg
Go Away Foxy Foxy.jpg
Mouse and Egg.jpg
Gentle with Gertie Book Cover.jpg
Flip Flop and his Amazing Tales.jpg
A Pirate’s Tale. The Pirate and and the illustrationist.jpg
The Dreamer And His Amazing Tales.jpg
Goose Farm Adventure Book Cover.jpg
Squirely and Goose COVER.jpg
Kip Book Cover.jpg
The Zazzy Adventures of Roozy and Raffie Cover.jpg
The Case of the Missing Baby Book COVER.jpg
Tessie's Tears Cover.jpg
Girls Play Football Too Cover.jpg
Is There a Bunny at Your House Book Cover.jpg
WDJD Book Cover.jpg
My Mom is My Hero Cover.png
Tessie's Tears Corkie Cover.jpg
Tessie's Tears Molly Moves Away cover.jpg
Poop Shoes Cover.jpg
Miss Abby Book Cover.JPG
The Swing on the Silver Star cover.jpg
Zendor The Explorer Cover.png
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