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Parallel Lines
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Foty Records

FOTY Records, LLC was created based on three elements: a dream, a love for classic music, and the perfect timing to create it.

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Featured Artists

James Houston

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Through years of undergraduate studies, graduate school and working for a fortune 500 company for nearly thirty years, I was able to combine all my education, skills learned from my employment, and creativity to build a company for the ages. 

FOTY (From Old to Young) Records, LLC is a record company that will create reproductions of classic music that will take us back down to memory lane.  My objective is to reproduce classic music with amazing new star quality artists.  The artists selected for these projects are artists that are at the top of their game and will deliver a powerful performance on the classic song.

Music Performance

of Classic Music

Revitalizing Old and Classic Music.  Classic Music Doesn't Need to Get Old.  It Demands A RE-BIRTH

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