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ROKU Statistics

Roku's active accounts worldwide 2016-2023

Published by Julia Stoll , Feb 16, 2024

As of the fourth quarter of 2023, Roku reported a total of around 80 million active accounts worldwide. This figure is the company’s highest active user total of all time, as the userbase increased by nearly 20 million in just two years.


A Roku is a type of digital media player device which provides users with a single dashboard through which they can access a variety of original channels, cable networks, entertainment apps, and streaming services. These devices stream content via the user’s internet connection and partner with streaming platforms in order to give users a wide range of entertainment options. Roku recently reported that its devices had been used to stream 29.1 billion hours of video content in the fourth quarter of 2023 alone. However, in 2022, the company earned about 415 million U.S. dollars in total sales, a decline of over 70 million U.S. dollars compared with the previous fiscal year.

Over-the-top media

Over-the-top media generally refers to media platforms that use internet to provide users with content rather than traditional services like cable and satellite. Devices like Roku are essential within the OTT market as they assist in making these services accessible to people within their homes. The market for this technology is massive worldwide – as of 2023, the number of global OTT users amounted to around 4.4 billion and is forecast to further increase in the coming years.

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