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Living Fearlessly

Life is a series of events and conversations. Together they create an experience. This leads to us feeling good or feeling not so good.

There are 7 Levels to fear.

Levels 1 of fear is infused with a consistent movement of acuity maintaining it's presence creating performance stress, communication breakdown and heightened emotional states that keeps a person "in their head."

This is reflective in various degrees of anxiety, rage, depression, anger, frustration, confusion and disconnect from others and the world around you. It has a profound affect on quality of life.

Apprehension is common when fear takes over causing great discomfort for yourself and others. You may develop covert hostile reactions to others that is filled with resentment, hate and other strong negative emotions.

Living fearlessly cuts through the muck and creates opportunities better than you can expect. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. So, what is really real? It is all in the eye of the beholder.

How does one live fearlessly when there is so much to fear?

By focusing on what is beyond the fear. If you don't jump off that cliff, you'll never know. Fear has many level, each with a set of layers to peel away. I share with you 3 simple steps to overcome the first level of fear.

Level 1 of Fear - Staying Stuck in the Same Pattern

Step 1: You want to understand the fear and in order to do this, you must face it. Take time to sit with the feeling. Where do you feel this fear- in your heart, in your head, in your gut?

Step 2: Focus on the area the fear seems most prevalent. Ask yourself, why is this fear here?

Step 3: When you get an answer, acknowledge it and imagine it is just a spec of dust. It is harmless and you have the ability to replace the uncomfortable feeling with a loving thought. Engage your fear with compassion, courage and truth by becoming the observer, acknowledge it without judgement and then let it go.

From this point forward anytime your fear rears up, think of the loving thought. In a future article I will talk about Level 2 of Fear: Denial, Ignorance, Rationalization, and Pretense causes internal dissonance as you continue to suppress emotions, instead of dealing with your fears directly.

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