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Rock in Sand
Rock in Sand


I have over 15 years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, received my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology in 2009, and became a Certified Coach in 2014.


The body and the mind are interconnected; therefore, any dis-ease in the body can be related to life stressors, negative thoughts, emotional challenges and trauma. This can result in stored energies that causes chronic fatigue, poor posture, sleeping issues, sore muscles, misalignment and more. I specialize in the therapies below, helping my clients love life and feel more vibrant, have better sleep, become more energized, create a healthier outlook on life, reduced stress and the desire to be more in control of their well-being. 

By creating and maintaining a regular health maintenance routine, you can change your life from one of pain and frustration to healthy and happy. 

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