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Eileen Bild

Be a part of something EXTRAORDINARY!

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Women in Business

Women are strong, determined and hardworking. They bring a lot of assets to the business world. 

I am Eileen Bild, CEO of Ordinary to Extraordinary Life. OTEL Universe, A Universal Voice, honors women who want to share their passions, visions and dreams. 

As Leaders, Entrepreneurs and CEOs, women have a responsibility to bring to the world their knowledge, strengths and ability to make a positive difference. 

An ongoing quest to bring the best version of oneself to the Global community, I am gathering information and insights from women all over the world. I hope you join me in sharing our courage, perseverance, strength and confidence to be in the forefront of innovation, creativity and taking the world through the next step of transformation and growth. 

Please help me to bring awareness of women's personal assets by answering a questionnaire that touches on the backbone of what makes women EXTRAORDINARY. 


Thank You! Cheers!

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Best Assets Women Bring to Business

  • Steadfastness - keep the goals in focus, and direct the actions needed to meet those aims.

  • Multitaskers -  tenacity that doesn’t give up, creates synergy and amplifies everyone engaged.

  • Empathy - look at the whole person, picture. 

  • Great Listeners - excellent collaborators. 

  • Display Dignity and Respect. 

  • Display Intuition and Instinct - helps tremendously in decision making. 

  • Inner Strength - commanding presence that is taken seriously and with respect from others. 

  • Relationship Builders - people always remember how you make them feel. 

  • Resilience + Creativity - overcome challenges with ease. 

  • Harness Emotions - create a coherent action plan that can inspire others.

  • Sincerity and Earns Trust - others feel valued, heard and understood. 

  • Communication - great at conflict resolution and attentiveness.

  • Excel at Soft Skills - self awareness and emotional intelligence.  

Questionnaire Form

Once you complete the questionnaire set up a complimentary 30 minute S.P.A.R.K. session!

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