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Char Murphy - Personal Profile

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Years of Experience

21-35 years

Speaker Fee

$10,000 -$20,000

Unshakeable Power challenges you to find yourself by digging deep within the confines of your heart and soul to unlock the buried treasures of you and to discover and create your special purpose, joy, and passions and to live your dreams. ~Char Murphy

“Learn to Live the Life of your Dreams”

“Overcome Your Greatest Fears”

“Have the Greatest Bounce Back Ever After a Serious Life Crisis and Love Yourself Again”

Attorney, CEO, Best Selling Author, Motivational/Key Note Speaker



Conflict Management 
Creativity & Innovation

Keynote Speaker 
Overcoming Adversity
Personal Growth 
Professional Development 
Women in Business

Change Management 
Diversity & Inclusion 





  1. Rediscovering self after adversity; Rediscover your true passion & purpose

2. Unshakable Power Book

3. Letting go of fear and insecurities; stepping into your light & inner/higher power

Type of Speaking Engagement Preferred

  1. Break Out Sessions

2. Keynote

3. Live Speaking Engagements

4. Lunch & Learns

5. Non-Profits

6. Schools & Universities

7. Ted Talk

8. Virtual Speaking

Add On That Can Be Provided

  1. Articles & Blogs

2. Business Cards

3. Copies of her book

4. eBooks

5. Interview

6. Newsletter Contribution

7. Podcast

8. Video

Are you living up to your full potential?

Wanting to live your life with joy and purpose?

Asking who am I, why am I here, where am I going and how do I get there?

Stuck in a rut you just can’t seem to get out of?

Feeling overwhelmed by serious life challenges?


  • 2022 Top Book Author Consultant of the Year IAOTP - Digital Journal

  • Published Author "Unshakeable Power - Through Seasons of the Soul"

  • Volunteer, Speaker and Writer

  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure,

  • Arkansas Former Best Lawyer in Central Arkansas Arkansas Bar Association

Believeinspire With Char Murphy

Celebrity, Author Coach, Empowered Mentor,

Life Crisis Strategist

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Media Sheet

Char Murphy Speaker Sheet logo.jpg

Charlotte (Char) Murphy

Author of “Unshakeable Power”

 ~ Through Seasons of the Soul ~

“Works done in service through hope, love, faith and gratitude for the good of humanity shall always be rewarded.”

~ CMurphy


Char Murphy is an Attorney, International Best Selling Author; Top Author Coach of the Year 2022;Top Inspirational Author of the Year 2020; SABA 2020 Book Awards Author Winner for “Unshakeable Power” - Through Seasons of the Soul.


  • Featured on Cover and Article in Top International Professionals (TIP) Magazine Spring 2021 Edition

  • Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized - Lifetime Achievement Award 

  • Featured on the NYTS Billboard

  • Woman of Empowerment, Woman of the Month and Woman in the Limelight

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette - Best of the Best Lawyers in Central Arkansas.

All honoring her outstanding inspiring leadership and commitment to her industry, professional achievements and leadership abilities.

With more than three decades of professional experience, Char Murphy has certainly proven herself to be an expert in multiple fields. She’s a dynamic, results-driven passionate leader and change-agent, empowering mentor and advocate, business consultant and strategist, life transformation to transitions guide.


Her entrepreneurial spirit has given rise to several successful businesses:

Believeinspire With Char Murphy

Next Level Writer’s Academy

Murphy’s Law Firm

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