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Andre The Beast Crayton - Personal Profile

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Years of Experience

4-10 years

Speaker Fee

$10,000 -$20,000

 Life is simple, If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. It's not complicated.----- andre the beast crayton

Professional Bodybuilder/Owner iambeast network


Conflict Management 
Employee Productivity 
Health & Wellness 
Integrative Wellness 

Keynote Speaker 
Overcoming Adversity
Peak Performance 
Personal Growth 
Professional Development 
Sports Endurance


Athlete Performance
Change Management 
Corporate Culture 
Customer Service 
Diversity & Inclusion 
Emotional Intelligence
Health & Wellness

Hiring & Retention 





  1. The Beast Mindset

2. Positive Lifestyle

3. Strength, Collaboration, Community

Type of Speaking Engagement Preferred

  1. Break Out Sessions

2. Keynote

3. Live Speaking Engagements

4. Lunch & Learns

5. Non-Profits

6. Schools & Universities

7. Speaking Training for Corporations

8. Ted Talk

9. Virtual Speaking

Add On That Can Be Provided

  1. Articles & Blogs

2. Business Cards

3. Copies of her book

4. eBooks

5. Interview

6. Newsletter Contribution

7. Promotional Leave Behinds

8. Video

9. Training Sessions

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Reflects the importance of of being united or joined as a whole

Unity gives freedom, unity makes us all winners

Unity is strength when there is collaboration

Unity is a measure of how well each element works together

Unity gives courage, hope and strength


• Bachelor's in Exercise Science
• Lorain County Community College - Lorain, OH

• Dougherty Comprehensive High School - Albany, GA

For over 20 years, Andre The Beast Crayton, has been one of the leading authorities in human performance and nutritional weight-loss. Starring nationally on ESPN’s “American Muscle”, Fox59 Overtime, (Gary Mendelow), The Indianapolis Recorder on Air “Hosted by Carolene Mayes and Connie Gaines”, WAV53 Indianapolis, Channel 13 WTHR “Hosted by Dave Calabro, reporter Chris Stoute and the Dave’s Team Club Member, Real Women “Hosted by WTPI’s Kelly Vaughn”, Sports Corner WAV53 Indianapolis “Hosted by Jennifer Coffman”, Sports Extra WALB10 Albany,Ga., TBN’s Public Report Channel 42 Greenwood, Indiana “ Hosted by Kathy Nikou and Barbara Presutti”, WTLC Radio Indianapolis Breakfast Club “Hosted by Guy Black and Linda Clemons”, The Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper (freelance writer), also featured in Muscle Magazine International, National Physique Committee Magazine, and Indianapolis Recorder Weekly.

Andre is a graduate of Lorain Community College with a BS in Kinesiology with distinction, major in Exercise Science, and minor in Psychology. Andre was awarded Indiana’s Personal Trainer of the Year 1993-1998. He is also a National Physique Bodybuilding and Fitness Judge.

As a former teacher of physical education, Andre taught at St.Francis DeSales catholic School in Cincinnati, Ohio and John Marshall High School in Indianapolis, Indiana where he was an Assistant Girl Track and Field Coach.

Earlier in his career, Andre was Georgia Track and Field Champion, a Semi Professional Football Player, Academic All-American, and 1984 Olympic track and field Candidate 800m, 1 mile.

Andre became involved in bodybuilding in 1986 where he won many awards including: 1990 Musclemania, BW Division; 1990-1997 Mr. Indiana, BW & LW Division, Mr. Indianapolis BW & LW Division; Natural Indiana Champion; placed in top 10 at Nationals and Jr. and IFBB North America; Pro World Bodybuilding Championships and a host of numerous awards and titles.


Andre The Beast Crayton Owner/Operator

Body By Crayton - Carmel, IN

January 1990 to Present

At Body By Crayton., our focus is to train smart, to build strength, stability, increase power and explosiveness, and practice athletic movement patterns. We train for “Everyday Movements”. We will never ask you what your heart rate is after a push press, because we know it doesn’t matter. What does matter is training with a purpose. We don’t want or need you to burn more calories. The lifestyle of our typical client is one that is in motion and we train to compliment this. From everyday people to professional athletes, whatever the passion, we provide them with the ability to do it even better. 

Head Track & Field Coach
John Marshall High School - Indianapolis, IN

Assistant Football Coach
John Marshall High School - Indianapolis, IN

Powerhouse Gym - Indianapolis, IN

Exercise Specialist
Diamler Chrysler - Twinsburg, OH

Exercise Specialist
Ford Motor Company - Avon, OH


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