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One World 5

"The world had every superstar before you, so don't try to give them another imitator. It did not have you. So shine on, believe in yourself and show them just who you are."

~Rod February

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The Singer Songwriters of #OneWorld5, Rod and Kash Duncan-February, have been entertaining audiences all over the world with their incredible music.


One World 5 band members include Kashiefa Duncan, Jamia Jacobs as well as newbie Carla O, local Cape Town artist, and Rod February a local born in Cape Town too. They came together through a program, of empowerment and upliftment, Rod set up for struggling artists wanting to realize their dreams. Together and individually, this dynamic Trio has performed at over 1000 concerts from South Africa to Dubai, Australia to Spain.


They are ISSA 2023 award Finalists in 3 Categories.
International Emerging Artist 
International Male Songwriter
International Band of the year

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One World 5 Legacy

One World 5 has charmed crowds with their electrifying performances, and have recorded 5 EP's available on all social media platforms, Spotify, ITunes and CD Baby. 


They are formidable champions for change and have dedicated their lives to fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. From standing up against bullying to lending their voice in song against and to combat domestic violence.

One World 5 has made it their mission to fight for those facing discrimination due to Autism, race or any other form of prejudice. They are dedicated to creating positive change and are proud to associate themselves with powerful organizations such as White Ribbon, Autism QLD, Rainbow of Hope and RUOK. 

Together they are an unstoppable force for GOOD. 

With their star power and passion for music, there is no telling how far these incredible artists will go!

They ranked as High as # 2 on ReverbNation. They are a dynamic, inspiring social 

conscience emerging group delivering a meaningful lyric, with a strong passion in 

what they believe in.

Their award winning songs are Leely's Song, I Did It All for Love and Snap, Snap.

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Stage Mist


One World 5 came about because Rod was searching for like minded artists to share his vision of uplifting artists in the community he was born in. He understands what it means to jump through hoops to get a start in the music industry. He also underst that many talents lie dormant in the communities in Cape Town, all due to financial hardships.


Rod reached out to the community and shared his music, paid for other artist's studio time and recorded 30 songs with 5 artists to give them a leg up and kick start their careers. One World 5 was born out of this venture and they grew from humble beginnings to being Finalists in the Issa Awards. Band of the year, Songwriter of the year, as well as,  Rising star of the year. One Wolrd 5 is very proud of their achievements and wants to share their voice with the world for a positive impact!

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Leely's Song

I Did It All for Love

Snap, Snap


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Marsha Dean of Daily Voice interviews One World 5.

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Soul, Funk, Divas
60's, 70's, 80's


Motown, Temptations, Lionel Richie and more.....
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Written and Composed by
Rod February & Cash Duncan
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Aretha Franklin to Whitney Houston


Listen Here >




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Amazon Music


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Hamilton Radio

" One World 5 has a refreshing sound with strong lyrics and  resonate with their communities. 

They boast strong harmonies and great voices."

"Leely's Song is an impassioned call for understanding Autism, being one of the most requested songs of the Indies."

KXRL Radio

Los Angeles

One World 5 is a group with strong harmonies, great social messages and a groove kicking song in "Snap Snap." The beat is funky and get's your feet tapping the moment you hear the first note. It climbed to #1 on the back of popular requests!

It's a strong message about bullying. Their sound is fresh and they do tap into their musical influences such as Santana and John Lennon. This comes through strongly and clearly in "Snap Snap. " with a Santana guitar lick in the solo. They have the courage to write lyrics that confront and highlight social Issues." 

Icon Mentors

Stephen Baker

"Rod has a very unique, strong voice. The song "Our World is Changing" is very deep and has poignant lyrics in today's world. It is delivered with passion and a melody that is tight. One World 5 has a lot to offer and I am looking forward to following their progress."

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Eileen Bild, OTEL Universe

Manager, PR, Marketing


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