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Beauty & The Beast Publishing and OTEL Universe thrive to bring visions, dreams and passions to life in books, documentaries and film.


With our guidance and expertise, your ideas will be formulated into stories, tales, and legacies.


Thank you for trusting us to assist you on your next steps for success.

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Fairy Lights

About The Project

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Book Series

What result must the book produce for you to be a success?

Who is the audience that must be reached for your goal to be achieved?

What is your book about, and why will your audience care?



A Documentary gives a real life viewpoint of your journey. This is an opportunity to bring to the audience a connection to something tangible and informative. 


Pitch for A Movie

We will package your book, short trailer and screenplay to pitch for a potential movie or documentary to the major networks and streaming services. 


Short Trailer

Short trailers act as a way to promote your book as a potential movie.

The goal of your short trailers is to inspire and encourage producers to want to make your book into a movie.

A short trailer is an opportunity to highlight your story with complelling images and a message that is powerful which will appeal to a global audience.



We will write a screenplay that align your vision with the overall theme and characters of a movie based on your book.



We will assist you in gaining interviews with podcasts and other opportunities. 

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Meet the Team

“Focus more on your desire than on your doubt, and the dream will take care of itself.” — Mark Twain

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