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Freelance Voice Actors

Award quality voice acting for your creative project. 

Voice Over Skills


The right voice for your animation can bring your character to life and your target audience will feel a deep connection, captivating them and creating a memorable experience. 

Audio Book

A voice brings the book to life! Different tones fits each character, with ebb and flow between plot points. A great story teller narrator captures the reader in ways they cannot put the book down. 


The best business voice can speak with the confidence and authority needed to present your business that will elevate it above all others through your unique and personalized messaging.


The magic of a great cartoon character is their voice. The uniqueness is what gives a character life, andpersonality.


A documentary narrator is one of the most important pieces of the film. They easily transition thoughts and helps the viewer make sense of what is seen. They are the audible guide throughout the visual journey. 

Movie Trailer

The voice that entices and enthralls will motivate the viewer to see the movie. A powerful, engaging and relatable style will be the most impactful leaving the sense of needing to see the movie. 


Breakdown of the messages in a script or story. It can tell a story, be instructional, guide, entertain or explain.

Corporate, Business, Website, Audio Guides & Tours, Product, APP


Radio commercial, station ID, bumpers and spots. Brand awareness and recognition through voice. 


Hook your viewers and create a lasting impression. National daytime television campaign, a local advertisement, or an ad for a specific event. 

Need a Voice Actor? 
OTEL Universe, A Universal Voice Can Help You

Professional Voice Actors

Our global community of professional freelance voice actors are extraordinary and will provide you excellence in quality and service. 

Collaboration with OTEL Universe Voice actors for Negotiating Fees

Work with fixed budgets, a price point range and pay when you hire. 

Top-Quality Voice Audio that Excels Above and Beyond

WOW your audience/listeners with the best voices from our freelance voice actors. You can explore their sample voice overs to match the right one for your needs. 

The Best Freelance
Creative Talent

Browse our community of professional, freelance creative talent and hire the best person for your project.

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