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Danny Budiski

Danny is an Israeli singer born to parents who immigrated from Romania to Israel.

From a young age he drew his influence from special and great voices such as Elvis Presley and Tom Jones.


His life was full of bumps and obstacles and he never gave up on singing and dreaming, especially after having gone through two struggles for his life. Danny wants to create and leave some mark on this world as part of his legacy. 

He is influenced by soul and gospel music, as well as combinations of blues and rock. Danny wants to create together with a number of talented people and his special voice music and songs that will touch people in their hearts and soul.


He wants to convey an important message that it is never too late no matter the stage you are in life. Music is a universal language that inspires, motivates, moves you and heals.


Ultimately, Danny wants to touch the lives of others in profound ways by creating special music that will live on after he is gone and make his and other's dreams come true.

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My Story

The Israeli-born singer Dany fell in love with music at about the age of 13 while he was also entering a difficult crisis of puberty. The music of the 1950s, 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s had a serious influence on him, but especially two singers in particular, Elvis Presley and Tom Jones.

He started taking voice lessons around the age of 19, tried a few things and at the age of 25 and a half joined a prestigious event band as one of the singers, although for him it was a nice job, but far from what he really dreamed and wanted.

He missed a serious offer given to him by the director of the vocal department at the academy to study classical tenor, went through all kinds of bumps in life, as well as disappointment and hurt from people he trusted.

He continued to take voice lessons privately, and after the death of his father Bernard, his mother as he called her, my divine mother, was diagnosed with dementia and for 12 years he was her caretaker. Danny went through 2 battles against a very rare and violent lymphoma cancer and is happy to say he is a survivor!

Today, he is in his early 60s and after trying several things on his own, he wants to realize his life's dream in a meaningful way as long as he has strength and inner fire.

And as he says, "I received a late and serious wake-up call."

He finished the treatments for the second time in the middle of 2020, but after 2 such personal wars there is always a certain concern and despite everything he seriously wants to realize the dream of his voice being heard on a global stage.


What is left in terms of time to be happy, for his dreams to come true and have a positive impact on others, bringing joy and happiness along the way is important to Danny. His personal story is a testament of when the desire is strong enough, nothing can stop the passion within.

Stage Mist


Danny has a drive and strong ambition to succeed, no matter the trials and tribulations that have held him back or the fact that he is now in the last chapter of his life. 

You can hear the soulfulness in his deep and rich voice taking you to another level in your connection to his voice and the universe. 

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Eileen Bild interviews Danny about his life journey, overcoming cancer twice and never giving up his dreams.

His goal is to be seen, be heard, be worldwide as part of his life legacy.

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Gaby Shrensky, Israel

"I'm one of Danny Budinski's fan. I adore his heavenly professional voice and singing. When he opens his mouth, it feels as if you were walking in heaven. The world should hear and listen to this magnificent talent."

Raviv, Thailand

"I have known Danny for several years and listen to him regularly in my house. He has an amazing and moving voice! I like to listen to music by all the greats of all time and I don't think he is any different from them. I don't understand how to this day he hasn't broken into the world of music!! I think it's time for the world to know and recognize that there is such a person with such a voice!"

Dennis J. Pitocco, FL

Chief Reimaginator


"This song, Crying for Love, catches the listener right away. Nice instrumentation, development and layering of the opening melodic statement. Very warm voice –the right voice for the lyrics. And like the best songs out there, the story sounds like it truly came from the artist's experience."

Jimi Seville, CA

Musician, Producer, Arranger

"Danny has such a passionate big voice that reminds me of Elvis. Which mesmerizes the listener's in whatever song he is performing"

Doug Mitchell, WI

Recording and Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

“Danny Budiski has one of those classic tenor voices that immediately conjure up images of the night clubs of film noir movies set in the 1940s. Danny effortlessly transports the listener into another space where the cares of the world are lifted away. His voice is big, yet lyrical and his repertoire easily demonstrates his flawless singing ability. Although he cites the guidance of singers like Elvis Presley and Tom Jones in his vocal training, I also hear the influence of singers like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin with a nod to Tony Bennett. Although Danny Budiski is not a household name in the company of famous tenor singers, no doubt he will certainly ascend to that prestigious position.”

Karolyn Faras, GA

Analog Girl

"Danny is a an artist who has a voice that is inspiring, dedicating and very entertaining. He has a POWERHOUSE voice that blew me away when I first heard him. Being an Elvis and Roy Orbison fan , Danny takes me back to the vocals of high and long vibratos of a blend of that of Elvis, Roy Orbison and many others with that strong voice. I’ve watched his funny Facebook posts and gotten to know him and of his passion, charisma along with the dedication he invites. He is an amazing person who took full control of his life and dreams to be a singer. Danny has a way of putting smiles on people’s faces, most of all …. Danny!!!! You Rock !!!"
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Eileen Bild, OTEL Universe

Manager, PR, Marketing


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