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ROKU Channel Consultation

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ROKU Channel Inquiry

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You Maintain Your Channel

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ROKU Channel Set Up  & Consulting

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Upload 4 Videos
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ROKU Channel Maintenance Consulting 
60 Days Additional Consulting
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We Maintain Your Channel

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ROKU Channel Monthly Plan

$99 a Month

***All Monthly Package Fees include monthly maintenance, processing of video submissions, changes to your channel and updates. 
Does not include video upload costs.
See Video Submission Fees. 
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Video Submission Fees for Monthly Plan

YouTube Link 

Mp3 with description & thumbnail

(requires editing to be created into an Mp4)

Mp4 with description & thumbnail
(requires editing)

$25 per video

$40 per video

$40 per video

Contact Us


Thank you for your interest in having your own ROKU Channel. We will respond to your inquiry in the next 72 hours or sooner. 

Trevor & Eileen

Please use this link to complete the

ROKU Channel Video


Please use this link to complete the

ROKU Channel Development


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Terry Iverson

ROKU Channel:


Frank Zaccari

ROKU Channel:

Life Altering Events

Business Secrets for Walking on Water

"Having a ROKU  channel is giving me the opportunity to bring the Manufacturing Industry into one central location for education, information and inspiration."

Eileen and Trevor are helping me live life to the fullest. Thank you!

"I would like to say that my television shows / video podcasts have gained a whole new audience since being added to KNOB TV on Roku. Two professional people you definitely want in your corner."

Keith Bradford

"Ya Gotta Luv It" Show
NBRN Online

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