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A platform for independent and unsigned artists, up and coming comedians. We will feature various podcasts, recorded shows as well as live DJs.

Troy Saha

Co Owner, BLAST Radio 247  

VP of BLAST Music 247

Stage Mist
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Tony Michaelides has an irrefutable reputation achieved over thirty years working with a stellar cast of clients that include David Bowie, U2, REM, Genesis, Dave Matthews, Bob Marley, Depeche Mode, Matchbox Twenty, The Police, New Order, The Stone Roses, Peter Gabriel to name a few.


Tony founded and ran one of the most successful promotions companies in the UK for over 20 years. In 2004, he moved to the USA after being granted an 'Alien of Extraordinary Ability’ for services to the music and arts. A published author, Tony speaks, mentors and inspires audiences all over the world based on his own 'lessons learned from rock and roll. 'He also hosts his own weekly podcast  ‘Moments That Rock’ and in addition presents two radio shows. Tony’s new book is also called ‘Moments That Rock.’ 

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I started this station in October of 2021 as a Rock, Hard Rock, Metal and Blues station.

The first song ever played was Crazy Train by Ozzy.  We started playing all known Bands but in the first month started the Unknown Artist/Band Show. and eventually the whole station changed its format to all Unknown Artists/Bands and we played Savatage, my favorite Band and all Bands related to Savatage.  So if any member of Savatage puts out music under another Name we play that as well.  TSO is also Savatage.  I asked Artists/Bands to send me their Songs and I play on my live show as well putting it in the Auto DJ Rotation that runs 24/7/365 when I am not on Live.

Brian Weaver
CEO/Owner of Brian's Rock n Roll Radio

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Eileen talks about OTEL Universe and all the great things happening for Indie Artists. 

Parallel Lines
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Keith Bradford

NBRN Online

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